Branding is giving your business or yourself a look that separates you from others.

This look is unique and can have a specific theme. This is what your business will be known for and will be kept for a few years, so create your brand with that in mind.

I have created a price sheet below for outdoor photos, headshots, and mini sessions. My price sheet includes a number of images my clients will receive and a time limit for their photo session.

With a brand comes a logo- this logo can be used on a website or as a watermark on my photos. My logo is simple– it’s an E representing my name.

I have included a business card that I will create and give to clients.

Go look at how Michael Scott Slosar branded his photography.

Emily Russell Design Logo

Emily Russell Design- Logo

Emily Russell Designs- Photography Color Scheme

Emily Russell Designs - Photography Business Card

Emily Russell Designs - Photography Watermark

Emily Russell Designs- Branding Mood Board

Emily Russell Designs - Logo