If you’ve seen the movie Grease, then you’ll recall the iconic scene of Sandy and her new boyfriend, Danny driving off into the sky to live “happily ever after.” The ending of this movie was represented in a movie poster that you’ll see if you simply google “Grease.” 

This week I’d like to share how I created a movie poster.

At the very end of golden hour, I grabbed my boyfriend, slicked back his hair with some hairspray and headed outside to shoot some photos. I set my camera on a tripod and set my ISO around 800 because golden hour was almost over. I wanted to have a little grain in my photo to create a vintage look.

After a few shots, I found one that looked very similar to the original poster.

Editing was a little more intense. I found some filters that gave the photo a vintage feel– bright and colorful with a hint of blue. I over edited some facial features by dodging and burning.

I cut out the “Grease” logo and found a font that matched the original for the heading text below the photo. I then used some movie poster lots for the credits underneath.

Emily Russell Designs-Creative Photography-Grease-How to Create a Movie Poster

Emily Russell Designs-Grease-How to Create a Movie Poster