Center Stage




The last two weeks have been filled with preparing for our next event on campus, Artrageous.


Artrageous is a group of 11 performers that know how to sing, dance, and create art on stage.  This event will be bringing a wide variety of groups locally and from BYU-Idaho’s campus to have an “Artrageous Experience.” 


I have been able to participate in group meetings with the rest of the marketing team to come up with ideas on how we want to share this event with the community.  


For our giveaway idea, we decided to have some of our team  members wear a tee-shirt splattered in paint on campus. There is a message on the tee-shirt that says, “Ask me how you can win!” I was able to make these tee-shirts.  


We are posting a photo on the Center Stage Instagram page that will show the students on campus  who they need to find in order to win two free tickets to Artrageous. 


In preparation for this event, I’ve been able to pass out posters on campus as well as in local high schools. We have also given fliers out to these local high schools for students who might be interested in this event.