If you’re asked to take group photos at a wedding, social or family event, don’t fear! It’s possible to capture a great shot of two or more individuals.    

Group photography can be daunting, especially if there are a lot of people or children included.    

Try to have good communication with all those you are photographing. This can seem difficult with larger groups, but it’s very important when trying to control a lot of models.

Plan the shot, address the models and speak loudly, clearly and Kindly.  Let’s face it, we as photographers can be impatient with groups that don’t listen to us, but if we act kind, they will respond better and have the ability to look happy in their photos.

When you are taking photos of a group, make sure before you capture the photo that no one is looking away. Capture enough photos so that if someone is looking away, you can easily mask in their face with another photograph.

Try to help your group or couple feel comfortable in your presence as a photographer. Converse with them, ask them about themselves, and develop a relationship so that you can capture real, candid photos.







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