If you’re trying add some more creativity to your photography, try adding texture to the background of your photos.

These photos below were takin outside in natural lighting and inside with a Godox flash.

I wanted to add some texture to my photos so I found some portraits with a plain background and began experimenting. I added some texture over these images, and I found one texture overlay at unsplash.com. Once I added the portrait image to photoshop, I opened the texture on top of the portrait. I then changed the Hue/Saturation of the texture all the way down. I pressed the Soft Light overlay which allowed me to see my image underneath the texture. I then created a layer mask on the texture photo and used a black brush to take away the texture from the faces and hair of my models. This is the process I used for all three of the photos below.

This is a simple way to add more texture and creativity to your photos!

To see more texture overlays, click here!


With this portrait, I didn’t have to edit the model very much. I added some contrast, and sharpened the image. I then added the texture the photo and decreased the saturation. I created a layer mask and masked over her face.



Texture Overlay taken from unspash.com!



In this portrait I edited my models eyes and skin. I smoothed some of his face, added contrast to his eyes and more texture to his facial hair. I added my texture photo over the original and masked over his face. I then added a black and white filter over the entire image.



Texture Overlay



In this portrait, I loved the warm colors of the original and the texture so I blended them together and didn’t decrease the hue/saturation. I simply just masked over my models body and face. I edited the models eyes and smoothed her skin.



Texture Overlay