These last two weeks were filled with learning experiences and growth. The performance I had the privilege of being a shadow for, was called Artrageous.

The night before the event, we traveled to the store and purchased food for the performers to eat during the show.

I started working the event at 4:30pm and finally finished around 10:30pm. In preparation for our performers, we had to pick up food from Costa Vida and cupcakes from Cocoa Bean. We had to prepare the Green Room for a dinner and make sure that the performers had enough to eat before and during the show.

We passed out fliers for our next event to our guests while they were admitted into the performance. After the performance ended, I was able to take some photos of the art and post on the social media account for Center Stage. We helped clean up the Green Room and sent our performers on their way. It was a success!

I also had the privilege of creating a poster for a giveaway that is currently hung on campus at our booth. The poster is to invite students or faculty to guess how many bowtie pasta is in a jar. The winner will receive a free ticket to the event of William Hagen.

The last two weeks were eventful and busy. I am developing skills in social media marketing and feel very proud of the work that I’ve done.