Try some creative tricks such as speeding up your shutter speed to capture water and sugar.

These photos were created by increasing the shutter speed.

This first image of the pomegranate is two images masked together. I wanted to capture some fruit smashing in water and I chose a pomegranate because of it’s rich color. I sprayed the glass on the outside and took very fast shots of someone dropping the pomegranate in the water. I had a speed light to also illuminate the fruit and glass.

The second image is sugar being sprinkled onto a strawberry. I used the same principle as above by having. fast shutter speed to capture all of the tiny crystals falling onto the strawberry.

The third and fourth image were difficult to capture. There was a slow drip of water onto a bowl full of water. There was a piece of colorful paper hung directly above the water so that when the camera triggered the flash, it reflected onto the bowl of water. I had to take many photos to capture both of these shots.

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