Photography has and always will be one of my greatest passions.

Some of my greatest work has been completed in on this blog and I’d love to share with you my favorites. I’ve recently learned more about external lighting and flash photography in my comm 316 course. I love the crisp and bright photos I’ve been able to create. Learning how to light paint, long exposure, speeding up my shutter, and many other techniques has expanded my ability and skill as a photographer. I feel that my editing skills have improved and I’m quicker with simple edits. There’s much to learn still, but I feel that I have an advantage in my future career because of this knowledge.

My style is clean, minimal and moody.


Emily Russell Designs- Amazing Food Photography- Gather to the Kitchen- Cookbook- Pumpkin Pie

Emily Russell Designs- Amazing Food Photography- Gather to the Kitchen- Cookbook




Emily Russell- Detail of Ring

Emily Russell designs- moody photography- tomatoes- amazing food photography

Emily Russell Designs- moody photography- Skagen watch- ad



Emily-Russell-Amazing Fine Art-Apple Pie- Moody Photography

Emily Russell Designs- Moody Photography- Incredible Light painting