Over the last 14 weeks, I’ve participated as a marketing board member for Center Stage.

Center Stage is an organization at Brigham Young University- Idaho. We bring in performances outside of campus for the community and students.

The performances we hosted this fall were Del Parkinson, Anne of Green Gables—The Ballet, Artrageous, William Hagen, and A BYU-Idaho Christmas with Frederica von Stade and the Sonos Handbell Ensemble. For each of these events I helped Center Stage with marketing ideas for social media and promoting these events around campus.

Center Stage has been an incredible experience for me to learn how to market these events. I helped create posters, numerous giveaway ideas, and an advent calendar. I helped create different stories for Instagram to promote events. I worked at many booths for Center Stage to answer questions and invite students to the performances.

Not only did I participate in our board meetings, I attended the events and passed out programs and welcomed our guests to the performances. I worked behind the scenes in preparing picking up food and other necessities for the performers.

I tried to work with other group members as often as possible. I appreciated learning from other members of the board with skills that were different than mine.

I often spent more time than was asked to complete assignments for Center Stage. I overwhelmed myself with too many responsibilities at one point of my project, but I continued to do my best. I’ve learned to only take on as much as I can handle. Time management is incredibly important in a position like this.

Each week I would meet with my marketing team and we would discuss upcoming events. We would begin to throw out ideas on ho we could promote the events. For Anne of Green Gables, I came up with the idea of painting a pumpkin like Anne and hiding it around campus. Those who found it, took a picture with it and sent it to Center Stage’s Instagram. That would qualify as an entry to win two tickets to the performance. A lot of people were involved and loved the idea.

Another giveaway idea was to send three students on campus wearing a shirt that says “Stop! Ask me to win”. We shared pictures on Instagram of these students and those who found them were able to enter to win tickets.

For Del Parkinson, I played a few classical pieces on the piano and had another board member record me playing. On Center Stage’s Instagram we had a poll for our audience to guess which song was being played. I played common classical pieces that our audience wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out.

I created an advent calendar for our Christmas Concert. I used Illustrator to create graphics that were related to Christmas. It took me over 6 hours to complete this project.

I’ve learned many great and valuable skills as a member of Center Stage’s marketing team. I have been able to use my skills in design to create aesthetically pleasing work for our booth. I participated as often as I could and gave much of my time and effort to this team. I feel that my experience and talent added much to what Center Stage represents. I enjoyed learning about Social Media Marketing and received a job offer to manage some social media accounts because of this opportunity. I am grateful for the chance to work with other experienced designers and social media marketers. I will use the skills I’ve learned to help me prepare for my future career in Visual Communications.