The last two weeks of Student Living have been a great learning experience for me, as a leader. I have been able to delegate assignments to my team, take photos, create a social media calendar, and post on social media. For the month of February, my team and I decided to focus on sharing posts about love. Love, shared responsibility and mutual respect are the principles that Student Living teaches.

With this in mind, we created different posts and shared them the past few weeks. We posted a “Love Note Challenge” photo on instagram to invite students to write a note of appreciation to someone they love. We received 120 likes on this photo and 4 comments.

We also shared a “How Do You Love?” post on instagram. This was a video compilation of interviews we conducted and recorded. We asked questions about how students love, receive love, ect. This video had 268 views and 39 likes.

Another focus we had for instagram the past few weeks was posting on our stories. We decided to share on the highlights examples of love, mutual respect and shared responsibility. This last week we shared an experience of a girl expressing love as she cooks dinner for her husband. We try to receive a lot of interaction through out social media account and have had numerous followers comment on our posts.