Month of Service

The last two weeks my council and I have been busy preparing content for social media and planning meetings. In a few weeks we are having a booth on campus to promote Student Living. Leading up to this booth, we are planning on creating a giveaway for students to participate in and serve others. As they promote service, they will be recognized on social media. At the booth, we plan on giving away packets with a game that students will be able to play with their roommates at home. We will be making posters soon to promote this.

For the month of March, my social media team and I have chosen to focus our postings on service. The month of February we focused on love because of Valentines day, but now we want to promote ways to serve and encourage other students married or single to help others around them.

We were able to go and capture personal accounts of students on campus serving. We interviewed 5 students and took their photos with permission to post on social media. Within the next few weeks we will be posting these stories. While out shooting, I was able to give my teammates tips on how to use their cameras. I have one team member very unfamiliar with camera skills so I took an opportunity to help her.  I didn’t bring my camera because I wanted them to have the opportunity to take all of the photos for our instagram.

I was able to create another poster this week to promote an event for stake event in March. We have been planning as a team how to take photos for this event.

This is Riley! We will be sharing her story of service this coming week.