Final Week

This week. because of Covid 19, our classes on campus were unfortunately cancelled. We were limited with the work we could do, but because we had prepared some content the week before, we had enough to post. Our team posted three photos on instagram between this week and last. We had planned on the theme for March being “service,” and because of the stress and anxiety of this outbreak, there’s plenty of opportunities to serve others at this time. We really wanted to be able to bring some light to social media since it’s so saturated with concerns and fears about Covid 19.

Our council had desired to create a booth for Home Evening on campus- we had prepared a countdown on social media for this booth. The booth will not happen anymore since there won’t be too many students on campus, and we’ve been instructed to only have ten people in a room at once. I created some graphics this last week that I had planned on sharing via social media. I had created a countdown of service that would lead up to a giveaway. Each day would be a new way to serve by either holding a door open for someone, washing your roommates dishes or even calling your grandma. As students served, we’d ask them to document their good deeds and message us a photo to be entered into our giveaway  of a gift card to a restaurant.

Here is some of my work!