Over the last 14 weeks I had the opportunity to work as a leader for Student Living Events Council.

I held a leadership position over the social media department. I was over a team of three individuals who are interested in photography, design, social media and videography. Our goal was to create meaningful content for Student Living’s social media, gain more of a following on instagram, and encourage students at BYU-Idaho to have love for one another, mutual respect and shared responsibility. With this goal, we posted 2 times per week on the feed and highlights of Instagram. We created fliers for events, took photos,  promoted booths on campus, and also filmed activities to share with Home Evening groups. In addition to receiving our social media assignment, we also were responsible for creating content for a Facebook page that shared information to Home Evening Coordinators.

We created a social media calendar with a plan for what we will post the next few months on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to creating a plan, we organized a document with all of our ideas and goals as a team for the following 14 weeks that we’d hold these positions.

For the month of February, my team and I decided to focus on sharing posts about love. Love, shared responsibility and mutual respect are the principles that Student Living teaches. The month of March, we decided to promote service within the home. With these ideas, we would create a long list of words that related to service or love. We’d then take these words and come up with a post idea. We’d plan the photoshoot, location, model, question and caption. We’d always plan our content a month ahead and finalize a week or two in advance so that we’d be prepared.

As expected, many challenges came up through the semester that limited some of our work being shown. Other groups had planned events, and due to the Covid 19 outbreak, all of those events were cancelled. But, to replace these efforts we made a goal to share more on social media about how individuals can serve from home. I created many graphics that have been shared on the social media.

It was a great experience learning and working with a team. We had to basically start over with the social media account. We created a mood board on Pinterest along with a color theme that we wanted to incorporate into our designs, highlight bubbles and how we edited the photos.

As a leader, I delegated assignments to my team each week. I would ensure that the content we created was appropriate for the university guidelines and fit with the brand we were creating. I had the opportunity to teach some of my skills with photography, editing photos, and graphic design. My team was willing to work each week and with the ideas we had, we created content that many of our followers valued.

I enjoyed being able to share my talents and capabilities with a team. I loved learning from them, taking their ideas and actually creating content for a wide audience to appreciate. Overall, the experience helped me grow as a leader. I learned how to delegate assignments, plan and prepare content, organize a team and motivate others. We were able to share the principles of mutual respect, shared responsibility and love not only on social media but with everyone we came in contact with.