Your body will burn fat by eating these super foods!


We’ve all been there. That stubborn scale just won’t move. It seems like you’re trying everything you can to workout and sleep enough, but you aren’t seeing the desired progress.

Diet is 90% of how you look. What we put in our bodies reflects on the outside.

Let’s take a look at a healthy option you might be overlooking.. Antioxidants– superfoods! These foods are key nutrients our bodies need. Not only do they help your body prevent cancer or heart disease, they can actually speed up your metabolism and improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Are you having these in your diet?

Metabolism Boosting Antioxidants

  1. Blueberries
  2. Kale
  3. Spinach
  4. Avocado
  5. Artichoke

These foods, combined with exercise will help you move that stubborn scale.

Healthy options for lunch an include a kale salad with a grapefruit dressing, avocado on wholegrain toast, a bowl of berries as an afternoon snack, or even an artichoke included in your greens. These healthy additions to your diet will increase your metabolism to help you burn fat. Remember to drink water and exercise at least 30 minutes a day as this is also key in losing fat. If you’re looking for more healthy options, check out The Harvest Kitchen’s ┬árecipes.

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