Sleep better by following these diet tricks.

Eat. Sleep. Exercise.

The combination of these three necessary acts can help improve our overall health. Understanding when to eat can actually help our bodies receive a more restful night– which we all could use.

There’s a reason as to why so the diet, “intermittent fasting” is so helpful in more ways than one. During the night, while you are asleep your body is working.


Tip #1

Go to bed hungry. Try to eat your last meal before 7 pm. If you eat late then your body is continuing to work. You’ll fall asleep and your body won’t be resting. You will not awake the next day feeling restful.

Tip #2

Save the fruit for the morning. When eating natural sugar, fructose, our bodies can often feel hungrier afterwards. If you’re trying to finish your last meal early, you’ll risk feeling unsatisfied by eating fruit during that time.

Tip #3

Eat more complex carbs. Instead of having sugary, fatty foods at night, eat something that is filling full of complex carbohydrates. Try a quinoa bowl filled with veggies and your favorite source of protein.

For more tips on sleeping well, check out Sleep Cycle! 


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