Student Living Coordinating Events Council

As a council, we’ve had to focus on helping connect with students via social media this semester. Student Living is an well-known organization on campus at BYU-Idaho. Our goal is to teach mutual respect, shared responsibility and love to all students. We hope that students will leave BYU-Idaho with these attributes and qualities. We feel that we can separate ourselves from the world with what we gain here at BYU-Idaho.

Our team is relatively small this semester. There’s three of us on this part of the council and a few others in the Volunteer Council. With these few numbers. we’ve gathered ideas on how we are able to reach the majority of students on and off campus at BYU-Idaho. We have been creating and sharing content through Instagram to help bright light and love. Over the last few weeks we’ve shared a new challenge, the “ISmile” challenge where followers post a reason as to why they smile on their Instagram highlights. With these responses, we ask them to tag us and return we will share their posts on our feed. We’ve had a lot of interaction and shares.

We’ve met as a council to discuss what to continue to post for the next three months. My team and I had a thought to create a video series called “The Band.” It would be a parody of “The Office” but a band that teaches the Student Living Principles. Throughout the semester we are creating a plan and finding volunteers to film in order to make this happen. We will soon have a script of what we will create for our pilot video.

I am enjoying working with my team. There are few of us, but as we strive to help build and inspire students around the world, we feel more connected together as a team.

Here are some examples of posts that have been shared on the Instagram.

We updated the Instagram Highlights to help our brand.