5 tips on how to feel more comfortable at the gym


First time at the gym? Feel more comfortable with these tips!

Gyms are finally opening up as quarantine is coming to an end. Millions of health hungry individuals around the world are starving for the gym. 


If you are a beginner, it might feel intimidating to step foot in a gym for the first time. All gym goers have been there. Everyone experiences an intimidating walk through the large doors into a vast, sweat fumed warehouse type room with people of all shapes and ages working out. We might notice the ones who look like they live there more than the other first timers like us. 


To help you feel more comfortable stepping into a gym, here are 5 suggestions. 


1. Bring a Friend 


It’s always nice to have support. Try to find someone who is friendly with the gym. You could bring someone that knows a lot about working out or even a friend who is willing to laugh and learn with you. 


2. Wear something comfortable 


It’s important to feel confident in yourself when working out. Even if you don’t know the movements yet, or proper form, you can at least feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Choose something that is flattering on your figure and also dark colored. When you sweat, you want to cover it up by wearing dark colors such as black, dark blue or other deep color options. Check your leggings or shorts to make sure they are not see through!


3. Prepare before hand 


Choose a plan. Come to the gym prepare with a workout already in place so you’re not wasting time looking through your phone to find a workout. 


4. Don’t hesitate to ask questions 


If you don’t know where a machine is, simply ask a worker or someone who looks experienced. You may also learn suggestions on form or other techniques from consistent gym goers. More often then not, others are willing to teach and share.


Choose upbeat, fun music 


It’s important to not only feel comfortable, but happy at the gym. Find a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs to help motivate and encourage you through your workout. 


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