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benefits of stretching!


How stretching can help your mind and body 


Flexibility, Balance and Coordination. If that’s all you think your body is benefiting from stretching, consider these other ways that lengthening your muscles helps.

You’re strengthen more than just your muscles when you stretch your body. We often hear that stretching is important after a workout to help your muscles to recover better. It’s often overlooked or forgotten about. 

It’s natural to stretch throughout your day. First thing in the morning you might extend your arms or legs out while breathing deeply. It’s a calming, relaxing feeling, especially when you’ve been sitting at your computer desk for too long writing a blog post (like right now), finishing work or homework, etc.

We’ve considered how this is a natural reaction, or something that we often hear when going to the gym, but do we understand what stretching can actually do for our bodies?


Not only is stretching crucial for muscle recovery after working out, but it also provides other health benefits for your body.


Benefits of Stretching


  1. Better Posture


  2. Better Muscle Recovery


  3. Better Flexibility, balance and coordination


  4. Primed for Next Workout


  5. Calms the Mind


Try stretching in the morning, right after you slip out of bed. Other times throughout the day when you’ve been sitting too long in your office chair or when you’re reading a book. Lengthen those muscles after a workout and before bed. Whatever time it is, your body will thank you for allowing your body more blood flow, relieving stress and calming your mind.


Another tip: don’t forget to breathe deeply through a stretch. It’s often recommended to spend at 60 seconds in each stretch at most. The least amount of time you should spend is a position 20 seconds.


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Consider adding these tips to your daily routine. You’ll feel more refreshed!


Your muscles will thank you.


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