Even though the students are scares, we are still at work to promote Student Living around the world.

Our focus has evolved the last few months to mainly Social Media. Our small team or three has grown in numbers as volunteers are willing to help Student Living in creating content. Within the last two weeks we filmed two home evening activities for students to participate in at home or in their apartments. These activities serve as a way for students to learn the qualities of love, mutual respect and shared responsibility. Last week we filmed our small group “Passing the Pudding.” Each of us had a partner lying down, head to head as we attempted to serve pudding in each others mouth without spilling on each other. The winner was the group that passed the pudding faster than everyone else. We filmed this activity and are planning to put it together and share it on our social media.

June is our month to focus on “Natural Leadership.” Last semester, we came up with a theme to post and share content on Instagram and Facebook. This month we will be focusing on how to become leaders here at BYU-Idaho and to continue forward with these attributes after we graduate. This last week, we came up with some ideas that we could focus on and post throughout the next few weeks. Some of our ideas include: showcase leaders in our lives, spiritual messages about leadership, share how Christ is the greatest leader and how we can lead by following His example, lead in our apartments or at home, etc.

I started to create a mock up design for sharing leaders of BYU-Idaho. We want to showcase presidents of the university and of Ricks for the next few weeks. We will share quotes and qualities that these leaders have and how we can learn from their examples. Below I have shared the mockup, ideas and content calendar that we have created.

This draft will serve as a template for all other presidents we share. We will be posting about leaders three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have researched the best times to post on social media so that we can have the most engagement and interactions. Our posts will be mainly shared through the highlights on Instagram. We will share a photo on the feed after published. Throughout the week we will also be sharing our home evening videos and other uplifting content.