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A great way to manage your weight is by preparing your meals ahead of time. If you’re schedule is fairly full, take a single day each week to prepare your meals so that you don’t go over or under your calories. Whether you’re new at meal prepping, or you’re a pro, consider these 5 ways to improve or simplify your weekly prep.


Best Meal Prep Tips

1. Use a slow cooker

Assuming that your schedule is already full, a simple hack is to use a slow cooker to prepare your meat, vegetables, soup or any other kind of dish for the week. Simply put your frozen meat in the cooker for a few hours and then you’re done! Purchase a larger slow cooker so that you can cook enough meat at the same time to cover each day you’re prepping for.


2. Prepare all your meals, even snacks

Some may just prepare lunch because they have time after work to make a nutritious meal, but meal prepping each meal can be more effective for your goals. If you already have your meals ready to eat, there is less temptation to eat out or something else convenient, which may be full of nutrients that are not beneficial for your health or weight goals. Even prep your snacks. This one is important! If you have snacks prepared, it will be easier for you to grab a energy bite rather than a chocolate bar, or an apple and almond butter rather than a processed, sugary granola bar.


3. Choose simple recipes

When prepping a lot of meals for the week, choose simple recipes with simple ingredients. This will not break the bank. You can search through apps like Pinterest to find easy, already planned out meals. Buy in bulk so that you have extra for the following weeks- this will also save you some cash.

4. Purchase nice Tupperware

One of the most important tricks is actually what you’re putting your meals in! Your Tupperware, being the right size will help you portion your food correctly. It allows you to be compact in your fridge. This could also be fun and look clean and organized.


5. Buy a variety of Spices

Simple meals may feel or begin to taste bland at times, or you might even be tired of eating chicken and rice each day. Keep a variety of spices or sauces in your cupboard or fridge to bring other flavor to your meal.


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