3 amazing tips to




Stay motivated this summer by following these three achievable ideas. 

It’s summer. Have you achieved your summer bod yet?

If so, great job. What’s your next goal?

If not, what are your plans to keep moving forward?

Life is about progression, progressing from one level to the next.

We all struggle at times, but goals help us stay in line. Motivation comes and goes, and can be difficult to find at times.


Motivation comes from within. How do you find the will to live healthy? Is it for personal satisfaction or a desire to live longer? Does your motivation stem from others expectations or standards you’ve created or yourself? Finding consistent motivation can be tricky. When you focus your “why” for personal reasons, your goals are much more attainable and maintainable.

Here are three tips on staying motivated this summer.


Tip 1: Focus

Focus directs action. Action brings results. Focus on your goal. Are you trying to lose weight, gain or maintain? Are you trying to change your eating habits? Whatever it may be, your focus will direct your actions towards your goal. When you achieve results, you are more driven to keep acting.

Tip 2: Consistency

Do it every day. As simple as that sounds, it makes all the difference. When you continue to focus on your goals for a long enough time, messing up or taking a day off will seem foreign. You’ll appreciate your routine and desire to keep it.

Tip 3: Goals

Make a goal. Choose to accomplish something reasonable, but still enough to stretch your abilities each day. Make sure you plan out how to accomplish it so you have a plan.


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