5 typs of plant -based protein you need to include in your diet! 



Instead of filing up on meat,

give your diet some variety with plant-based protein.


Consuming enough protein is essential for our body’s health. When we think of protein, our mind often jumps to meat like steak or chicken. Although meat is good for the body, we want to give our bodies a variety of foods. Too much protein is unhealthy, especially too much meat.  New York-Presbyterian Hospital said “Eating too much meat can make you sick.”


If you consume too much of a certain type of meat, it can lead to heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

 Here are some other options of protein you can include in your diet.


Peanut Butter

8 g per 2 tbsp



14.5 g per 1 cup



10 g per ½ cup



7 g per 1 cup



12g per ½ cup


If you feel bold enough, or desire to run off of plant-based protein altogether, a plant protein diet could be sufficient for your health. If you feel that you need a little break from meat, this is ideal for you.


For more information about plant-based diet, check out Forks over Knives!


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