For the month of June, we have decided to focus on Natural Leadership on our Social Media. With this campaign, we’ve decided to present presidents and a short biography, quote and then an attribute we can each follow. Some of the presidents I’ve worked on the past week are Jacob Spori, Ezra C. Dalby, George S. Romney, and Hyrum Manwaring. I’ve found information online to create a short biography, and a quote to share. I then read through the information and choose an attribute that fits each president. I use the template that I created for the first president, and substitute photos in for each president. With all of the content prepped, we are ready to post 3 posts a week for the rest of the month.

With content creation, I’ve learned that it’s best to create in batches, a few weeks ahead. With a content calendar, my team has been able to schedule out our posts for an entire month at a time. This helps us stay organized and on top of our content.

Student Living has the responsibility to share ideas with Home Evening. We want to inspire students and families all over to have home evening. We have recorded videos for the last few weeks of activities that can be implemented in home evening to teach “Love, Mutual Respect, and Shared Responsibility.”