5 best tips for proper form

Use these helpful tips to be safe in the gym! 

Proper Squat Form

  1. Start with your feet shoulder with apart
  2. Squat down by bringing your hips back
  3. Keeping your back straight and chest up going into and out of the squat
  4. Don’t let your knees go past your ankles
  5. Try to break parallel with your hips lower than your knees


Core Form

  1. Lie down on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keep your head and neck straight
  3. Align your head with your spine
  4. Contract your core during each exercise
  5. Exhale on the up motion and inhale on the down motion


Side Plank Form

  1. Start on your side with one arm directly under your shoulder holding you up
  2. Keep feet together with one foot on top of the other
  3. Hold your arm straight up
  4. Raise your hips, align your body
  5. Contract your core
  6. Hold for at least one minute


Lunge Form  

Can use with weights, a bar on our back, or with hands together in front of you.

  1. Begin with feet together
  2. Take one large step forward
  3. Make sure your knee doesn’t go farther than your ankle
  4. When stepping forward, make sure your heel hits the floor first
  5. Keep your back straight and in line with your bent knee creating a 90 degree angle
  6. Bring leg back into normal position


Lat Pulldown Machine Form

  1. Sit down at the machine
  2. Make sure your legs are securely braced. You may have to raise or lower the seat.
  3. You’ll typically want to grab the bar with a wider grip, adjust accordingly. 4. Pull down the bar to your upper chest while keeping your shoulders down. 5. Keep your chest forward ad your shoulder blades pinched together


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