The weeks are slowing down with the semester coming to a close.
With the last few weeks, we wanted to send students off with some ideas on how to “Create Zion” in their homes or wherever they may be at this time.
With this new campaign, I had time to brainstorm ideas this week of what to post, what to focus on, what to invite, and how. I’ve created some mock posts that I will review with the council this upcoming week and continue to brainstorm for more ideas.

The last two weeks I spent time pondering about building Zion. I listened to conference addresses and studied certain scriptures about this topic. I came up with some ideas on how we can have more interaction with students through the Instagram highlights. Some posts I plan on executing are 1. Building Zion tips 2. Scriptures/thoughts about how we can build Zion from prophets 3. Personal examples and stories about how students are doing this around the world. Invite them to send in stories. 4. Challenge our audience something new about building Zion.

With these ideas, our goal this month is to encourage and support students building Zion in their individual and unique circumstances.

We are hoping to inspire students with uplifting posts through this difficult time in the world right now. We feel that these ideas are inspired and hopeful for good interaction to come.