Over the last 14 weeks I had the opportunity to work as a leader for Student Living Events Council.

I held a leadership position in the social media department. Our goal was to create meaningful content for Student Living’s social media, gain more of a following on instagram, and encourage students at BYU-Idaho to have love for one another, mutual respect and shared responsibility. With this goal, we posted several times per week on the feed and highlights of Instagram. Because BYU-Idaho was remote this semester, We created content to share on the social media page to encourage students to still live student living principles while being away. We and also filmed activities to share with Home Evening group each week. We met every week several times to discuss the progress of the council and how we could continue to reach students while on social media. We also created a social media calendar with a plan for what we posted each month we various themes.

As expected, many challenges came up through the semester. Because of virtual classes, we could only do and post so much about Student Living each week. In the past we were able to reach out to students on campus and plan events and activities for us to gather and teach principles. It was a good opportunity to learn how to work remotely and continue to prepare enough content each week.

Because so many students traveled home this semester, my team was very small. We were able to work together and promote volunteer opportunities and actually had more students on campus show up and be a part of Student Living for the semester.

Some of the content we created this semester is shown on our Instagram highlights and feed. Over the semester we shared the “ISmile” challenge where followers post a reason as to why they smile on their Instagram highlights. With these responses, we asked them to tag us and return we would share their posts on our feed. We had a lot of interaction and shares.

June was our month to focus on “Natural Leadership.” Last semester, we came up with a theme to post and share content on Instagram and Facebook. This month we focused on how to become leaders here at BYU-Idaho and to continue forward with these attributes after we graduate. We came up with some ideas that we could focus on and post throughout the month. Some of our ideas included: showcase leaders in our lives, spiritual messages about leadership, share how Christ is the greatest leader and how we can lead by following His example, lead in our apartments or at home, etc

Another project this semester was focusing on My team and I had a thought to create a video series called “The Band.” It would be a parody of “The Office” but a band that teaches the Student Living Principles. As we began to create a plan for this campaign, we realized that the project was much bigger then we could handle with our small team. We decided to continue thinking and planning and that we would resume production in the fall semester.

July was focused on how to “Create Zion” in their homes or wherever they may be at this time. With this new campaign, I had time to brainstorm ideas this week of what to post, what to focus on, what to invite, and how. I created all of the posts that were shared on the highlights on the Adobe program, Illustrator.

I enjoyed being able to share my talents and capabilities with a team. I loved learning from them, taking their ideas and actually creating content for a wide audience to appreciate. Overall, the experience helped me grow as a leader. I learned how to delegate assignments, plan and prepare content, organize a team and motivate others. We were able to share the principles of mutual respect, shared responsibility and love not only on social media but with everyone we came in contact with.