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Final Week of Student Living

Over the last 14 weeks I had the opportunity to work as a leader for Student Living Events Council.

I held a leadership position in the social media department. Our goal was to create meaningful content for Student Living’s social media, gain more of a following on instagram, and encourage students at BYU-Idaho to have love for one another, mutual respect and shared responsibility. With this goal, we posted several times per week on the feed and highlights of Instagram. Because BYU-Idaho was remote this semester, We created content to share on the social media page to encourage students to still live student living principles while being away. We and also filmed activities to share with Home Evening group each week. We met every week several times to discuss the progress of the council and how we could continue to reach students while on social media. We also created a social media calendar with a plan for what we posted each month we various themes.

As expected, many challenges came up through the semester. Because of virtual classes, we could only do and post so much about Student Living each week. In the past we were able to reach out to students on campus and plan events and activities for us to gather and teach principles. It was a good opportunity to learn how to work remotely and continue to prepare enough content each week.

Because so many students traveled home this semester, my team was very small. We were able to work together and promote volunteer opportunities and actually had more students on campus show up and be a part of Student Living for the semester.

Some of the content we created this semester is shown on our Instagram highlights and feed. Over the semester we shared the “ISmile” challenge where followers post a reason as to why they smile on their Instagram highlights. With these responses, we asked them to tag us and return we would share their posts on our feed. We had a lot of interaction and shares.

June was our month to focus on “Natural Leadership.” Last semester, we came up with a theme to post and share content on Instagram and Facebook. This month we focused on how to become leaders here at BYU-Idaho and to continue forward with these attributes after we graduate. We came up with some ideas that we could focus on and post throughout the month. Some of our ideas included: showcase leaders in our lives, spiritual messages about leadership, share how Christ is the greatest leader and how we can lead by following His example, lead in our apartments or at home, etc

Another project this semester was focusing on My team and I had a thought to create a video series called “The Band.” It would be a parody of “The Office” but a band that teaches the Student Living Principles. As we began to create a plan for this campaign, we realized that the project was much bigger then we could handle with our small team. We decided to continue thinking and planning and that we would resume production in the fall semester.

July was focused on how to “Create Zion” in their homes or wherever they may be at this time. With this new campaign, I had time to brainstorm ideas this week of what to post, what to focus on, what to invite, and how. I created all of the posts that were shared on the highlights on the Adobe program, Illustrator.

I enjoyed being able to share my talents and capabilities with a team. I loved learning from them, taking their ideas and actually creating content for a wide audience to appreciate. Overall, the experience helped me grow as a leader. I learned how to delegate assignments, plan and prepare content, organize a team and motivate others. We were able to share the principles of mutual respect, shared responsibility and love not only on social media but with everyone we came in contact with.

5 benefits of Cardio!

Include some vigorous exercise in your day! 




You either love it or hate it. It’s the standard “go-to” when trying to lose weight, but did you know that it actually has more benefits then just burning fat?


First off, here are some ways and simple exercises you can include cardio in your day.


  1. Run
  2. Hike
  3. Jumping jacks
  4. Brisk walk
  5. Swim
  6. Cleaning or gardening
  7. Cycling
  8. Play a sport
  9. Burpees
  10. Mountain Climbers


Here are some benefits of including cardio in your day.


 1. Heart Health


The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity per week. By doing cardio, it actually strengthens your heart which helps prevent against heart disease.


 2. Strengthens your muscles


Cardio can help strengthen many muscles where weight training is typically only focused on a couple muscles per session.


3. Better sleep!


By doing cardio every day, you sleep better at night.


4. Affordable


If you’re not looking to drop $10-$50 a month at a gym, then cardio exercise is for you. You can easily go on a run or do a quick hiit workout in your living room.


5. Improves mood


You’ll feel happier when you take the time to work up a good sweat everyday. Cardio releases endorphins which make you feel happy! It’s also a good way to relieve any stress.



For more tips on cardio, visit!


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Student Living Social Media Campaign: July

The weeks are slowing down with the semester coming to a close.
With the last few weeks, we wanted to send students off with some ideas on how to “Create Zion” in their homes or wherever they may be at this time.
With this new campaign, I had time to brainstorm ideas this week of what to post, what to focus on, what to invite, and how. I’ve created some mock posts that I will review with the council this upcoming week and continue to brainstorm for more ideas.

The last two weeks I spent time pondering about building Zion. I listened to conference addresses and studied certain scriptures about this topic. I came up with some ideas on how we can have more interaction with students through the Instagram highlights. Some posts I plan on executing are 1. Building Zion tips 2. Scriptures/thoughts about how we can build Zion from prophets 3. Personal examples and stories about how students are doing this around the world. Invite them to send in stories. 4. Challenge our audience something new about building Zion.

With these ideas, our goal this month is to encourage and support students building Zion in their individual and unique circumstances.

We are hoping to inspire students with uplifting posts through this difficult time in the world right now. We feel that these ideas are inspired and hopeful for good interaction to come.

5 Best Tips for Proper Form


5 best tips for proper form

Use these helpful tips to be safe in the gym! 

Proper Squat Form

  1. Start with your feet shoulder with apart
  2. Squat down by bringing your hips back
  3. Keeping your back straight and chest up going into and out of the squat
  4. Don’t let your knees go past your ankles
  5. Try to break parallel with your hips lower than your knees


Core Form

  1. Lie down on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keep your head and neck straight
  3. Align your head with your spine
  4. Contract your core during each exercise
  5. Exhale on the up motion and inhale on the down motion


Side Plank Form

  1. Start on your side with one arm directly under your shoulder holding you up
  2. Keep feet together with one foot on top of the other
  3. Hold your arm straight up
  4. Raise your hips, align your body
  5. Contract your core
  6. Hold for at least one minute


Lunge Form  

Can use with weights, a bar on our back, or with hands together in front of you.

  1. Begin with feet together
  2. Take one large step forward
  3. Make sure your knee doesn’t go farther than your ankle
  4. When stepping forward, make sure your heel hits the floor first
  5. Keep your back straight and in line with your bent knee creating a 90 degree angle
  6. Bring leg back into normal position


Lat Pulldown Machine Form

  1. Sit down at the machine
  2. Make sure your legs are securely braced. You may have to raise or lower the seat.
  3. You’ll typically want to grab the bar with a wider grip, adjust accordingly. 4. Pull down the bar to your upper chest while keeping your shoulders down. 5. Keep your chest forward ad your shoulder blades pinched together


For more tips on proper form, check out!


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Leadership Continued

For the month of June, we have decided to focus on Natural Leadership on our Social Media. With this campaign, we’ve decided to present presidents and a short biography, quote and then an attribute we can each follow. Some of the presidents I’ve worked on the past week are Jacob Spori, Ezra C. Dalby, George S. Romney, and Hyrum Manwaring. I’ve found information online to create a short biography, and a quote to share. I then read through the information and choose an attribute that fits each president. I use the template that I created for the first president, and substitute photos in for each president. With all of the content prepped, we are ready to post 3 posts a week for the rest of the month.

With content creation, I’ve learned that it’s best to create in batches, a few weeks ahead. With a content calendar, my team has been able to schedule out our posts for an entire month at a time. This helps us stay organized and on top of our content.

Student Living has the responsibility to share ideas with Home Evening. We want to inspire students and families all over to have home evening. We have recorded videos for the last few weeks of activities that can be implemented in home evening to teach “Love, Mutual Respect, and Shared Responsibility.”

3 Amazing Tips to Stay Motivated 


3 amazing tips to




Stay motivated this summer by following these three achievable ideas. 

It’s summer. Have you achieved your summer bod yet?

If so, great job. What’s your next goal?

If not, what are your plans to keep moving forward?

Life is about progression, progressing from one level to the next.

We all struggle at times, but goals help us stay in line. Motivation comes and goes, and can be difficult to find at times.


Motivation comes from within. How do you find the will to live healthy? Is it for personal satisfaction or a desire to live longer? Does your motivation stem from others expectations or standards you’ve created or yourself? Finding consistent motivation can be tricky. When you focus your “why” for personal reasons, your goals are much more attainable and maintainable.

Here are three tips on staying motivated this summer.


Tip 1: Focus

Focus directs action. Action brings results. Focus on your goal. Are you trying to lose weight, gain or maintain? Are you trying to change your eating habits? Whatever it may be, your focus will direct your actions towards your goal. When you achieve results, you are more driven to keep acting.

Tip 2: Consistency

Do it every day. As simple as that sounds, it makes all the difference. When you continue to focus on your goals for a long enough time, messing up or taking a day off will seem foreign. You’ll appreciate your routine and desire to keep it.

Tip 3: Goals

Make a goal. Choose to accomplish something reasonable, but still enough to stretch your abilities each day. Make sure you plan out how to accomplish it so you have a plan.


To learn more about accessing motivation, check out!


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5 types of Plant-Based Protein to Include in Your Diet



5 typs of plant -based protein you need to include in your diet! 



Instead of filing up on meat,

give your diet some variety with plant-based protein.


Consuming enough protein is essential for our body’s health. When we think of protein, our mind often jumps to meat like steak or chicken. Although meat is good for the body, we want to give our bodies a variety of foods. Too much protein is unhealthy, especially too much meat.  New York-Presbyterian Hospital said “Eating too much meat can make you sick.”


If you consume too much of a certain type of meat, it can lead to heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

 Here are some other options of protein you can include in your diet.


Peanut Butter

8 g per 2 tbsp



14.5 g per 1 cup



10 g per ½ cup



7 g per 1 cup



12g per ½ cup


If you feel bold enough, or desire to run off of plant-based protein altogether, a plant protein diet could be sufficient for your health. If you feel that you need a little break from meat, this is ideal for you.


For more information about plant-based diet, check out Forks over Knives!


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5 Amazing Hydration Tips!


5 amazing hydrating tips!

Stay hydrated this summer by following these guidelines!

We need water. It’s essential to help our bodies function properly.


You’re thirsty, but you’re just tired of drinking plain old water every day.

You know it’s the heartiest drink, but you worry about having enough h20 in your body.

Here are just a few tips and tricks to help you drink more water daily.

1. Drink a glass of water before every meal
Not only does this help you remember to drink more, but it helps your body feel more full when eating. You’ll be able to control your appetite better by doing this.


2. Carry a water bottle with you every day.
If you have one with you, you’ll be reminding yourself to drink. Buy a water bottle with measurements to show you how much you’ve drank. Make goals with yourself throughout the hour to drink every few minutes.


3. Make tea, add water flavors to your drink
If you like tea, add this to your daily routine. Not only is tea a different option that gives you variety, it helps your body with digestion. Add a lemon to it in the morning and your body will thank you.

4. Add something fresh to your water
Strawberries, cucumber, or even some basil infused water gives you a refreshing option!

5. Eat hydrating fruits & vegetables
Consuming foods that contain water will allow you to stay hydrated. Try eating some watermelon, strawberries, zucchini, spinach or tomatoes!

For more tricks on eating more water, check out


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