Student Living Events Council

As part of Student Living Events Council, I hold a leadership position over the social media department. I am over a team of three individuals who are interested in photography, design, social media and videography. Our goal is to create meaningful content for Student Living’s social media, gain more of a following on instagram, and encourage students at BYU-Idaho to have love for one another, mutual respect and shared responsibility.

The past few weeks we have been creating content for our instagram. We’ve shared stories of “behind the scenes” of what we are doing as Student Living Council to prepare for Stake events. The council attends stake events and teaches how to more fully live the principles of love, respect and responsibility.

As a team, we have created a social media calendar with a plan for what we will post the next few months on Instagram and Facebook. For our first official post, we created a video of someone writing an “I love you” letter. This video is to challenge students to write meaningful letters to those they love during the month of February. This past week we filmed interviews of students with questions like, “how do you receive love?” and “how do you show love to the Savior?” We received great responses that we will share on social media next week.

I also created a flier for an event coming up next month.

I am enjoying working with a team to create content for such a wonderful organization. I look forward to learning from my team and progressing as a designer, photographer and leader.